Hey. I’m Michelle, and I am a graphic designer and full-stack web developer. I believe in contextual and meaningful design that solves problems: visual, business, or web.

As a designer, I’m skilled primarily with corporate graphic design and web design, and I’ve helped design everything from business cards, brochures, and catalogs to banners and promotional material like bracelets and fans. I’ve also designed, coded, and managed several email marketing campaigns.

As a full-stack web developer, I am skilled with both LAMP and MEAN stack, as well as Python for web and task automation. I love finding the perfect tool for different use cases, and it is important for me to do things the right way for maximum maintainability and efficiency.

I’ve been deep down in the trenches and built web apps with Angular JS (1.4) as well as with unit testing and test driven development in both the frontend and backend with Jasmine/Karma and Mocha/Chai. I’m also a major fan of Gulp and LESS and absolutely in love with Node.

On the PHP side, I’m strong with Codeigniter and have some experience working with WordPress and Drupal. I’ve also worked on some personal PHP libraries for managing research citations and for database access via PHP command line scripts. I’ve used both Nginx and Apache, and I’ve dabbled with Docker containers on personal projects as well.