Endings and New Beginnings

It is nearing the end of the year, a time when darkness and snow veils the world and the activity and bustle of the year winds down into the holiday season. It is the end of another cycle, another year. It is a time of endings and new beginnings.

Everything that has a beginning must some day end.

I feel like this year especially has been a time of closure and conclusions. The scent of change is in the air. I can sense it; I can taste the bittersweet pain of parting and the excitement of a new beginning in the changing winds. It has been a year of partings, and of preparations for partings.

There have been people who have left our side, and there are those who might leave any time. How do we know that today, we won’t die? Or that today, someone we love won’t die?

We’re so often under the illusion of permanence. We take things for granted. We go through our days not really thinking about endings and beginnings, but just riding along assuming that things that have started, will not end. That love will last forever. That we’ll be young forever. That our friends will be with us forever. That our youth and health will last forever.

But nothing lasts forever.

Everything that has a beginning must some day end.

Change is in the air. Change is coming. It’s happening all around us. It’s within us; our cells are dying and replenishing constantly. With every thought, experience, and observation, we change ourselves and our understanding of the world. We are all impermanent. Those around us are impermanent. The world as we see it is impermanent.

Nothing lasts forever.

Much like it is impossible to prevent the year from ending, some endings in our life just cannot be prevented. The final word of a great story will inevitably be written. Lives will be born and lost. Friendships and romance will bloom then wither. Yet with the ending of one phase, another can start. Perhaps it is just time to move on to the next stage in our life. Perhaps the ending is so that we can have a new, better beginning and a new life.

Every ending is also a new beginning.

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